Friday, May 15, 2009

About the reporter: Henrik Eriksson

Hi everyone!

Here is a short presentation of me, the reporter of this blog.

Henrik Eriksson

My name is Henrik Eriksson and I live in Uppsala, Sweden. I discovered Tango about 2 years ago and before that I've danced lindy hop for many years (and still do). Now I dance tango as often as I can, about 2-3 times a week.

For me tango is described by sensuality, elegance and intimacy. I enjoy the dramatic tango songs, the lyrical tango waltzes and the playful milongas. The music provides a wide spectrum of feelings to express in the dancing.

I freelance as a photographer and my speciality is dance photography. I've documented my local dance scene for years. Dance is a very rewarding subject since dance is a very visual way of expressing yourself. Dance is also one of the most challenging subjects to photograph, the light is often low and everyone is constantly moving. That's what makes dance photography so interesting.

I'm looking forward to participate in and document this years Tangocamp and to meet you all.


  1. Hi,

    Great to be able to follow your journey to/at the Tango. By the way, I also really like the photos you have taken so far and I was wondering if you mind sharing the specs of the camera gear you use and the settings for some of the shots?


  2. Henrik! Way to go, bello! I love your pics. Looking forward to Tylösand! A più tardi.../Frida

  3. Hi Henrik,
    I've seen you in Tangocamp Greece. Can I have your email address please? I'd like to ask you something. You can write me at razvan (at)

  4. hola!!
    It is Marcelo here, how is going=??? my I have your email to ask you some things please?

  5. Hiu all!

    You can reach me at