Monday, May 25, 2009

Preparing for Tangocamp

Julio Mariño & Mirabai Deranja. Copyright: Henrik Eriksson ( The photo may not be published elsewhere without written permission.

About this time next week I'll be on my way to Tangocamp. There's is tons of stuff to prepare, things to check and organize.

So, do you have any tips on what one should bring when you are going to tango camp? Is there some things that are essential and shouldn't be missed? Give me your best advice!

The photo you see above is from a tango performance with Julio Mariño & Mirabai Deranja last weekend when they visited Uppsala. Taking classes is part of my preparation, to make sure that I'm in "tango mode" and to brush up on some technique.

What are the things that you do in order to prepare for Tangocamp? Tell me.

Julio & Mirabai did a great show and I can't wait to the coming weeks when I'm sure I'm going to see the fantastic shows at Tangocamp each night.

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