Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 1 Monday

On the way to Rödby

The alarm clock goes off at 06:45. It was early. Way too early and way too little sleep but after a quick breakfast and a last minute coordination talk with Pino I was ready to leave. I drove into Stockholm to pick up the other driver of the mini bus: Peder Nordenstad.

I picked him up at his café, Kafe Tjärlek. His café is a tango café where there are always tango in the speakers. It’s good to have Peder in the bus, because he has done this Tangocamp tour two times before and has lots of experience of what to do and not to do.

Peder is a little late and I’am eager and impatient to go. I know we have a tight schedule in order to drive to Dusseldorf in one day. Peder told me that.

As we drive down through Sweden I notice what a beautiful and warm summers’ day it is. It’s almost a pity to leave Sweden when it’s so nice. But I know that we will have awesome weather at Tangocamp as well.
Peder takes photos at the ferry to Denmark

In the middle of the afternoon we leave Sweden by ferry and roll down through Denmark and Germany. Everything goes well until Hamburg where we get stuck in a traffic jam and it takes us an hour to get going again. Say “so long” to our plan.

It gets dark and now we must rely on our GPS, without it we would be lost. I can tell you that it’s a really surrealistic experience to drive in the small streets in the suburbs of the German towns. You think: Is really this the right way?

But of course it’s the right way. We are getting closer to our destination for the first day: Dusseldorf. At 3:20 am we stumble into the hotel and goes directly to sleep.

Tell me about your trip to Tangocamp! Please comment.

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