Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 2 Tuesday

Too little sleep today also. Big sigh. I would like to get going on the road again but we have lots of things to do in Dusseldorf first. We need to first get a trailer behind the mini bus and then we have to pick up all the things that you will find in the shop when you arrive at Tangocamp, like shoes and t-shirts and more. Finally, at 14:30, we are ready to go.

The first bit the road goes over hills and valleys and I’m glad that Peder is driving. When I take the wheel in Wiesbaden the hills stop and the landscape is flat again. Yes!

One of the things I noticed that is different between Sweden and Germany is that the trees are much closer to the road. That’s because they don’t have any elks to worry about suddenly turning up in front of your car.

It’s 22:45 when we cross the Swiss border, we worry because we have heard that the Gotthard tunnel under the alps maybe closes at night. After a bit of adventure on small roads we notice that luckily that’s not the case. We drive through the long tunnels (also a surrealistic experience because of all the lights on the side of the tunnel, you lose reference points and the tunnel looks like it’s going on forever) and at this time of night there is no other traffic. That is good because you have less things to worry about. (No traffic. check. No elks. Check. No worries mate. Check.)

At a certain point uphill becomes downhill and you almost don’t have to press the gas pedal at all. It feels good to drive and I’m surprisingly not that tired, but at 4:00 AM we reach Lugano and Peder takes over the stearing wheel. I lie down in the back of the bus to get a little rest while Peder takes us into Italy.

How do you get to Tangocamp? By plane, train or car? Please comment.

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