Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 3 Arriving In Italy

A slumber later I wake up south of Milano. Yes, we´re in Italy! But, there are still 500 or 600 km to go, (whatever!). It would have been great to have breakfast at the hotel in Rome, but that clearly isn’t going to happen.

As Peder is a café owner, he likes to sample to coffee here. We stop for a few minutes and we have a cappuccino and a sandwich. We have only short breaks (15 minutes or so) when we change drivers every 2 hours. We think that it’s much nicer to get to the hotel in Rome than to have longer breaks at the road.

The road we were supposed to take seen from the road we had to take instead

It’s been said that all roads lead to Rome. I’m very surprised over this particular road that takes us there. I expected it to be of better quality, this is supposed to be one of the main roads to Rome but it’s very bumpy at times. I’m spoiled after driving at Autobahn. Road construction leads us to a very small road, more road bumps. After 100 km things improve. The closer we get to Rome, the better it gets.

Sometimes it just feels that you’re driving forever, Peder and I have established "The Close Rule", if we’re less than 200 km from our destination we’re allowed to say “we're getting close”.

The trailer behind the mini bus really pushes us forward when we go down the hills towards Rome. When we reach the ring road around Rome, we feel like it’s close but we’ve still 30 km to go.

At 3 PM we arrive at the hotel. I practice parking with the trailer. Finally we are here, the 24 hours drive from Dusseldorf is complete.

How long does it take you to get to Tangocamp? Please comment.

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