Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday performances @ Rome

DJ on duty was Enzo Climaco from Naples and he certainly lived up to his nickname DJ Climax.

After some warm-up dancing Sexteto Milonguero started with a steaming set and made the crowd go bananas.

Sometimes unexpected performers joined in to add some (e.g. Uruguayan) flavor.

Then there was the baile de maestros, the introduction of the teachers, followed by the first demos of the festival.

The demo of special guests Loukas and Georgia from Athens, Greece was very well received.

Yanick & Eugenia demonstrated impeccable technique, a flair for drama and some acrobatic moves.

And then Diego ‘El Pajaro’ and Maria Belen took the floor with style, humor and a beautiful pregnant belly. Their last performance turned into a group dance with the Sexteto Milonguero and some innocent bystanders.

A great start of an even greater evening!


  1. When the music is good, the people dance all night long! thanks Climax!

  2. Big party...owesome music by Climax! fantastic sexteto
    thank you tangocamp!