Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sexteto Milonguero on Friday

Sexteto Milonguero was clearly enjoying themselves on stage yesterday, they played two memorable sets that kept us all dancing. The energy was flowing both in the band and on the dancefloor.

And if they were not crazy enough, at some point Esteban, Adrian and Diego joined in and made it really hard for Javier, the singer, to remain in control.

I even have a video of this chaotic outburst – should be coming later today.


  1. Photos are exactly like it was that night!!! GREAT!!! Thanks Sexteto Milonguero for tanta onda, we are happy to have you here with the team...Also thanks tangocamp for create this big party for all of us... we are happy to be part of ..... SEE YOU IN ROME!!!!!!
    Esteban y Evelyn

  2. Yeah...was a great start on a 30 day tour around four countries! If you have a chance to go and dance/listen to Sexteto Milonguero - you will not be disapointed! They rock! Im so happy they will perform in Tangocamp Italy, Tangocamp Sweden and in Tangocamp Greece!!!! Note: Tangocamp Greece will be Sexteto Milongueros last show on their 2010 summer tour!!! Mamma Mia!