Monday, June 7, 2010

Last performances @ Düsseldorf

After four days of workshops, milongas and demonstrations Tangocamp Germany had to end, and to some extent, that’s a good thing because there’s a limit to the number of nights you can dance until 5AM.

The demos took place in the other room this evening, and I took a position on the 1st floor, which explains my bird-eye view at times.

Yanick & Eugenia danced 3 beautiful songs, of which the last one was very special both in the music and the acrobatic and theatrical moves.

Then Diego showed off his excellent milonguero skills, with the radiant and über-pregant Maria Belen. Their last song was really cute, with Diego pretending(!) to smoke and answering a phonecall in the middle.

After which people danced out their last drops of energy, before Monday, when normal life started again.

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